Root Canal Treatment

When a tooth gets infected, a root canal treatment may be necessary.  At London Road Dental Care, we’re careful to ensure this procedure is as comfortable and stress free as possible.

If a damaged or decayed tooth is left untreated, an abscess may form; without intervention this may lead to the tooth requiring removal.  A root canal treatment may be an option to retain a tooth which is badly decayed, badly damaged or infected.

What’s the treatment process like?

Root canal treatment is a lengthy process and requires a high degree of skill.  Ultimately, the goal is to completely remove the infection from the root canal.  The treatment will usually be conducted over at least two visits.


At the first visit, the infected part of the tooth is removed.  The root canal must be cleaned and shaped, to prepare it for a filling.  The final filling won’t be put in until the second appointment, so a temporary filling will be installed and the tooth will be left to rest.  This resting period is to ensure that infection has been completely cleared before the final filling is put in place.

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