General Dentistry


Dental Hygienist

Routine hygiene appointments help prevent oral diseases like tooth decay and gum disease by removing plaque bacteria.  Furthermore, we can help you remove coffee, tea and tobacco stains. It’s amazing how such a simple treatment can improve the appearance of your smile.


We will check your oral hygiene and be sure to give you any advice that we think may be helpful.  To clean your teeth we use a modern ultrasonic scaler to remove any soft and hard bacterial deposits from your teeth.


Read about our dental hygienist/therapist Kelly Hazlehurst here



We’re no stranger to nerves as a fear of dentistry is common.  However, please rest assured that our friendly staff are trained to make your experience as relaxed as possible.


You’re in safe hands.


Why not become a new patient today?  At London Road Dental Care we aim to treat our patients in a way that we would like to be treated ourselves.  We try to be friendly, accessible, good listeners and capable clinicians.  Our services include routine dentistry, to keep teeth and gums healthy; emergency dentistry, including management of swollen faces, toothaches and broken teeth; as well as cosmetic treatments like tooth whitening and veneers.