General Dentistry



If you develop tooth decay or break a tooth, London Road Dental Care can help by providing a high quality dental filling.

A filling may be required if tooth decay develops or if a tooth breaks.  The reasons for recommending a filling include:


  • To prevent tooth decay from worsening
  • To prevent food getting trapped in a cavity
  • To help arrest toothache
  • To improve the appearance of a tooth


We have different materials that we can use for filling cavities and we can advise you which material is most appropriate.  We may recommend: a white, composite filling; a silver, amalgam filling; or in some cases gold or porcelain.


Which material we recommend will be based on:


  • The position of the cavity in your mouth
  • The aesthetic requirements of the material
  • The size of the cavity
  • The strength of material that is required

What can I expect from my treatment?

A filling treatment follows careful history taking, examination, perhaps an appropriate x-ray and of course a chat about the procedure to answer any concerns.


Most filling treatments are carried out with a local anaesthetic to make sure the procedure is comfortable.  Rest assured that our clinicians are as gentle as possible when delivering local anaesthetic.


When the local anaesthetic has had chance to work and the area is numb the cavity is cleaned and the restoration is placed.


Why not become a new patient today?  At London Road Dental Care we aim to treat our patients in a way that we would like to be treated ourselves.  We try to be friendly, accessible, good listeners and capable clinicians.  Our services include routine dentistry, to keep teeth and gums healthy; emergency dentistry, including management of swollen faces, toothaches and broken teeth; as well as cosmetic treatments like tooth whitening and veneers.