General Dentistry



Tooth decay can happen to any of us. That’s why at London Road Dental Care, we provide high-quality dental fillings.

When tooth decay occurs, fillings are a popular treatment. We offer several options for filling treatments: from hard wearing amalgam to cosmetic composite resin.

What can I expect from my treatment?
Here at London Road Dental Care, we use modern techniques. A local anaesthetic will be applied to prevent discomfort, and the whole treatment will usually be conducted in a single visit.


For fillings at the back of the mouth, amalgam fillings may be recommended as they’re more suitable to withstand the wear from chewing. This is especially true when large fillings are needed.


If a composite resin filling is used, we’ll carefully match it to the colour of your teeth for a completely inconspicuous look.


Become a new patient today, at London Road Dental Care we make a point of helping our patients to feel happy and relaxed about visiting the dentist. Removing any fear of the unknown is an important part of this commitment