Cosmetic Dentistry


White Fillings

As an alternative to traditional silver fillings, cosmetic composite resin fillings are seeing an increase in popularity. They can be matched to the colour of your teeth, keeping your smile looking natural and great.

We know how important your smile is to you. Made from a resin and glass mixture, composite resin fillings can be matched to the colour of your existing teeth.


Typically, we’ll recommend white fillings for treatment at the front of your mouth as alternative filling materials, such as amalgam or gold, can be quite conspicuous.

What can I expect from my treatment?

Only the most modern techniques are used here at London Road Dental Care. Fillings will be done under a local anaesthetic, to prevent discomfort, and we’ll aim to get the whole treatment done in a single visit.


With composite resin fillings, we’re extremely careful to ensure they’re colour matched to your teeth for a completely natural look.


Become a new patient today, at London Road Dental Care we make a point of helping our patients to feel happy and relaxed about visiting the dentist. Removing any fear of the unknown is an important part of this commitment