Cosmetic Dentistry


Dental Crowns

Regardless of how careful you are, tooth injuries and decay happen. If you’re in this unfortunate situation, dental crowns are a highly effective way to restore your smile’s appearance and health.


Advantages of dental crowns
Dental crowns are built to look just like your natural teeth. In the case of injury or decay, they are fitted over the top of your existing teeth to prevent further problems, restore functionality and improve appearance.

What should I expect?
Treatment will typically be broken into two appointments. Firstly, we’ll look at your teeth, remove any decay and reshape them so that the crown can be fitted.


An impression of your teeth will be taken so that we can create a crown that perfectly fits your teeth. Dental crowns should look completely natural whilst helping to restore function and prevent future problems.


At the first appointment, we will fit you with a temporary crown, meaning that you won’t have a gap in your smile whilst you wait for your custom made crown to be installed.


At the second appointment, your custom fitting crown will be tried in and fitted if ok.


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