Cosmetic Dentistry


Air Polishing

Are you looking to give your smile a tune-up? The airflow tooth polishing process is a gentle, effective, and modern technique for stain removal—now available at London Road Dental Care.

The truly innovative airflow tooth polishing technique is a modern revamp of traditional tooth polishing processes. Fast. Effective. Comfortable.

The airflow treatment uses three core elements to give your teeth a polish: a jet of water, air, and sodium bicarbonate. This innovative technique will noticeably improve tooth brightness without the need for scraping tools or polishing discs. Without the need for direct contact, the airflow technique is easily capable of reaching deep pockets and interproximal areas without significant discomfort.


Air polishing is shown to be over three times faster than traditional methods at removing plaque and stains caused by dietary habits. It is cleverly designed to remove common tooth staining caused by tea, coffee, wine, and smoking. For optimum results, tooth scaling may be required beforehand.


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